About Us



Sunrise Public School is a Co-educational Hindi and English Medium Public School has been founded in the year 2006. The magagement comittee name as Giandeep Educational Development Society. The school is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion and strictly secular. The school is affiliated to the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education, Dharamshala.

At Sunrise Public School innovation is the buzzword. We believe in learning things by gaining hands on experience by doing, thinking, problem solving, listening, talking, reading, playing, sharing and role playing making learning a joyful experience. The school supports an education system that emphasizes Experiential learning.

The focus is on challenging the students to explore new ideas and hone their capabilities and skills. With well-equipped and state of the art laboratories, the students are provided opportunities to question, explore, examine, hypothesize and draw inferences thus building a scientific temperament.

About sunrise Bhambla

At the time of its establishment in 2003, Sunrise Public School had the status of a middle school. By maintaining its missionary zeal and progressive outlook, it rose to the level of high school in the year 2004. Today, as a result of an uninterrupted up word march, Sunrise Public School is now a Senior Secondary School where Science stream is offered.

Undoubtedly, its Founder Society, namely The Sunrise Educational Society Lower Bhambla Regd. which created the school with the sole objective of imparting quality education at affordable cost without discrimination among children of various communities because it believes that all children are equal and have the right to the best possible education without feeling any financial constraint. Since the very inception of the school, its management consists of highly educated and enlightened members who focus their attention on quality education.

By quality education, we mean the latest education with the latest tools of transaction. Quality is not static. It is evolutionary and dynamic. Each moment is establishing a new benchmark of quality. What is ultra modern today becomes obsolete tomorrow because man is always discarding the old and opting for new. The knowledge which was imported in the 20th century and also the techniques with which it was imported have already become outdated.


Imparting quality education with a holistic approach, creating global opportunities, enabling the students to excel in different areas and enlighten the lives all around.


Our aim is to provide students with the skills, Knowledge & academic opportunities to succeed in rapidly changing world, to foster a tone that allows even the most quiet and sensitive child to interact , to insert ethical and moral values creating a sense of responsibility towards the society to enable than to distinguish between right and wrong, courtesy & consideration for others.