Before seeking admission in the school the parent / guardian is expected to go through the rules given in the school prospectus .

Application form along with prospect may be obtained from the school office duty filled in application form must be furnished along with a birth certificate in case of new admission and transfer certificate/ school leaving certificate from a recognized school in case of transfer.

Admission to classes other than Nursery in possible only if there is any vacant seat and that two strictly on the basic of written test, Student from the other institution can be considered for admission provided they qualify the entrance test meant for the particular class.

Failed or compartment candidate are not admitted. Admission of a student is liable to be cancelled if he/ she/ furnishes incomplete / wrong/ false information.

Admission are only possible if the application is submitted along with the following documents:-


Pre-Primary Classes :
English , Hindi , Maths , EVS.

Primary Classes:
English, Hindi, Maths, EVS, Art & craft , computer , GK, Music.

Middle Section:
English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science, Arts& craft, Computer, Sanskrit, Yoga, Music.

Secondary Section :
English, Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Science, Computer, Sanskrit .

Senior Secondary :
Non- Medical and Medical Streams.


  • To be eligible to appear in the annual examination a student must ensure at 75% attendance of the total lessen delivered in each subject.
  • A Students must ensure satisfactory behavior in and outside the classroom throughout his / her stay in the school.
  • A student must ensure regular home work to the entire satisfaction of the subject Teacher.
  • A student who fails to score at least the minimum qualifying marks laid down by the school, will not be eligible to appear in the examination. A clearance certificate from the school clearly stating that he has paid all school dues.
  • Xeroxed copies of the certificate /marks sheet of last examination passed.
  • Character certificate from the head of the institution.
  • Date of Birth certificate / School leaving certificate in original .
  • Passport size photograph of the candidate

month’s notice is required before the withdrawal of students from the school failing which one month’s fee will be charged.

School leaving certificate can only be issued when all the dues are paid and a no dues slip duly signed by the concerned teacher is submitted in the office.

Principal has the right to ask for the withdrawal of students from the school on grounds of misconduct, gross misbehavior, poor performance an indiscipline as the recommendation of a academic / discipline committee in the best interest of the school.

The school authorities reserve the right for admitting or refusing admission to candidates without assiging any reason for that.

The tuition fee and transport fee are charged for 12 months in a year. Fee once charged are not refundable .

The academic year is from April to March.


The students of sunrise Public School Lower Bhambla are required to :-

  • Maintain strict discipline in and outside of the class rooms , in buses and public place too. Regularity in attendance and punctuality on all school functions deemed obligatory for them .
  • They must show respect to the teacher and carry out their instructions most faithfully .
  • They are required not loiter in their vacant periods and vulgar or abusive language .
  • They must be friendly and courteous to all visitor Stanger and polite to each other.
  • They are required to maintain cleanliness by making proper use of dustbin provided at various places in the school campus, in each classroom and toilets.
  • They are required not to shout or whistle in the school premises. Damaging school property, disfiguring the furniture or writing on the walls or defacing the walls with pencils or knife marks is strictly forbidden. Any damage done to school property is recoverable from the defaulters.
  • The school is judged by the conduct of the students so they must posses exemplary manner and behave in a dignified manner. They are expected to greet their teachers & elders when ever they meet them and should observe good manners wherever they are.


  • Sunrise Public School Lower Bhambla is an English medium co-education institution up to Senior See. Level .
  • The School in under the control of Sunrise educational society lower Bhambla & is affiliated to H.P. Board Dharmshala.
  • Well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff for all the faculties.
  • Quality education at a very reasonable price which is affordable to all parents.
  • Computer education, modern audio visual & entertainment media are the special attraction of teaching learning process.